Nuova macchina Caorle 2020

General features

Max workable length
1000 mm
Min. Length workable
50 mm
Min clamping diameter
10 mm
Max clamping diameter
100 mm
Min milling diameter
10 mm
Max milling diameter
80 mm
Max drilling diameter
20 mm
Max drilling depth
60 mm
Max tapping capacity
24 mm
Max tapping depth
60 mm
Spindle rotation speed min.-max
15 - 1500 rpm
Spindle power
5,5 - 11 kW
Spindle joint
HSK63 - ISO40
General dimensions (LxWxH)
4780 x 2355 x 2150
Machine weight
6200 Kg
Nuova macchina Caorle 2020 vista davanti
Electric system standard series CNC Fanuc
• Chip conveyor

Caorle CMV60

Versatile and Powerful.

The CMV60 model trimming center is a machine designed and built in various models that allows the machining of the ends of bars, tubes, molded parts and forging by means of 2 opposing heads each having a maximum of 3 spindles:

– a milling spindle
– a centering / drilling spindle
– a tapping spindle