sinico manufacturing macchinari

General features

Machine weight
16000 Kg
General dimensions (LxWxH)
11500 x 4600 x 2900 mm.
Number of tools
10 - 20
Travel of the transverse axis
400 mm
Vertical axis travel
400 mm
Longitudinal axis length
700 mm
Spindle rotation range min.-max
100 - 5000 rpm
Spindle power
22 kW - 30 kW
Spindle joint
ISO 50 - HSK 100
Workable length min
200 mm.
Workable diameter min.-max
20 - 330 mm.
Machine capacity, in length
1000 - 12000 mm.
Tapping dimension max
Fanuc - Siemens
Sinico macchina CAORLE MC 650 CHIUSA
Electric system standard series CNC Fanuc
Loading bars from above
Chip conveyor

Caorle MC650

Versatile and Powerful.

Machining center for high precision and high speed end machining also for heavy machining

Horizontal machining center for machining at the ends, equipped with 2 opposing 3-axis operating units.
Numerical control machine capable of simultaneously performing end machining on pipes or bars.
Machine designed to be enslaved by an automatic loading system

It is able to perform operations of:

  • bezel
  • facing
  • drilling in axis and off axis
  • deep drilling in axis and off axis
  • thread
  • turning with static piece
  • boring
  • milling
  • profiling