Transfer machine with horizontal axis bench for cutting and machining of tubes and bars ends

High productivity CNC machine, up to 2750 pieces/hour, designed for the machining of small dimensions pieces: bars diameter from 6 to 60mm, finished part length up to 200mm.

High speed cutting and facing line

Operations performed:

  • chamfering
  • facing
  • drilling
  • threading
  • turning of static parts
  • boring
oksito-SINICO TOP 1100 R2 ombra
Technical features
Machine weight7000 Kg
Installed power70 kVA
Diameter6-55 mm – Length: 10-200mm
Rods length capacity2500 – 6000mm / standard
Operating unitHSK 50 prong
Engine power5,5/7,5 kW
Mandrel rounds400 – 4500 rpm
Mandrel power5,5/7,5 kW
Saw-blade rotation speed30 – 300 rpm
Saw-blade maximum diameter285/350 mm

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