Transfer machine with horizontal axis bench for cutting and machining of tubes and bars ends

Flexible, highly customisable CNC machine. Ensures high productivity, up to 2500 pieces/hour, designed for the machining of small to large size pieces: bars diameter from 6 to 110mm, finished part length up to 700mm.

Great versatility in tubes and bars processing

Operations performed:

  • chamfering
  • facing
  • longitudinal and transverse drilling
  • threading
  • turning of static parts
  • turning of rotating parts
  • boring
  • forming
  • marking
  • milling
Technical Features
Diameter10-81mm; 10-90mm; 10-110mm a seconda del modello di macchina
Min-max workable diameter450 mm
Min-max mandrel rotation speed450 – 4000 rpm
Bars length3000-6000mm standard; 7000mm, 9000mm o 12000mm su richiesta
Pieces length10-350mm; 90-550mm; 190-650mm a seconda del modello di macchina
Machine weight8900 Kg
Power93,5 kVA
Mandrel power11/15 kW
Engine power unit7,5 kW/11 kW/15 kW
Mandrel couplingHSK 63
Min-max mandrel rotation speed40 - 260 rpm

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