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Alessandro Sinico and his Staff met Mr. Xiujin Hou of JQ Laser. It turned out to be a day full of news and proposals for relations for the near future of Sinico. An event concluded with a solid handshake between the two captains of leder companies in their sector of reference.

General characteristics Pipe cutting diameter – ø 15 mm – ø 220 mm Pipe cutting length – 6000 mm. Diagonal of the square or rectangular tube – ≥ 200 mm. Positioning accuracy of the X-Y axes – ± 0.03 mm / m Repeated positioning accuracy of the X-Y axes – ± 0.02 mm / m Max speed of the X – Y axis – 80 m / min Max acceleration of the X – Y axis – 0,8G Max rotation speed – 80 rpm Max cutting speed – 25 m / min CNC system – FSCUT Voltage power – 380V / 50HZ / 25kW Dimensions – 10500x4600x2400 mm.


Electric system standard series CNC Fanuc


Swiss technology laser head


Semi-automatic bar loading

Laser FLT-6020 EN

Laser for the processing of metal sheet and tube.

FTL-6020EN is a mid-rage high profile laser cutting machine developed by JQLaser company in cooperation with Sinico Enterprise & Partners, for metal sheet and tube cutting. The machine is equipped with semi-automatic bar loader and, on customer’s demand, also with an automatic system. The cutting area has sliding doors, making the working area safe. FLT-6020EN has a cutting head with Swiss technology and a professional QBH, an optical fiber exit interface for the calibration of the highly precise and stable focalisation. Thanks to the excellent performances of the high-speed sensor, the cutting gap can be reduced to 0.1 mm, which doesn’t only make the cutting performances better, but it also reduces the gas consumption.

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