General features

Machine weight
8700 Kg
General dimensions
2.560 x 4.100 x 3.200 mm
Automotive components
Anthropomorphic robot on request
Tapping dimension max
M36, G 2 ¼”, NPT ¾”, BSF 1 ½”
Standard workable length max
80 mm
Workable diameter min.-max
20 – 80 mm
Spindle joint
ISO 50 – HSK 63
Spindle power
14kW, 18.5kW
Operating units number
Spindle rotation range min.-max
20 – 2.000 rpm
Longitudinal axis length
“Z”: 160 mm
Electric system standard series CNC Fanuc
• Vibratory bowl
• 8 operating units
• Coolant tank and chip conveyor and filtration system

Tap 8200

8-motors transfer machine with vertical axis for printed and cut parts machining.

Machine productivity up to 1000 pieces/hour.
Automatic numerical  control machine with high productivity, designed for the machining of small and medium pieces: bar diameter up to 80 mm, finished piece length up to 120 mm. Excellent performance for all types of machining. It is able to perform tapping and boring processes.