General features

Machine weight
7000 Kg
Installed power
70 kVA
4 - 60 mm - Length: 10 - 200 mm
Lenght of loadable bars
2500 - 6000 mm (standard)
Operating units
HSK 50
Motor power
5,5 kW/7,5kW
Spindle rotation range
400 - 4500 rpm (standard)

Cut off unit

Motor power
5,5 kW/7,5kW
Blade rotation range
30 - 300 rpm (standard)
Maximum blade diameter
285/350 mm
Electric system standard series CNC Fanuc
Standard bar loader or with automatic bundle magazine
• Machine productivity up to 2750 pieces/hour • Bar loading in only 6 seconds • Working cell totally closed
Chip conveyor • Liquid coolant/lubricant system • Std. unit for use with emulsion • Copper/Aluminium chips treatment station • Parts inspection device with G/NG independent exit way

TOP 1100 R2 CNC

Automatic numerical control custom cutting end working machine.

Rotary transfer machine with horizontal axis for tube and bar end cutting and machining. Numerical control machine with high production rate, up to 2750 pieces/hour, designed for the machining of small pieces: bar diameter from 6 to 60mm, finished piece length up to 200mm. Excellent performance for all types of machining It is able to perform the following processes: Chamfering – Facing – Drilling – Threading – Turning with static piece – Boring

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