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Grow, Learn, Do

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In-house training

We believe constant operator training to be extremely important in maintaining a high standard of work.


We believe in giving young university students the opportunity to develop their own projects or collaborate with our engineers in the resolution of specific internal problems.

External training

No-one understands the importance of having highly trained and specialised technicians in their own team, the way Sinico does.

Advanced Training

Courses for operators in the industrial sector.

Specific in-house training

Sinico Academy shadows and trains all operators, from the Design and Planning to the R&D sectors. Our technicians use leading-edge, latest generation application programmes and systems.

Grow Learn Do

“Grow, Learn, Do” Sinico Academy offers to be a sponsor and supervisor for all students, who at the end of their studies, express an interest in working in the design and construction of numerical control machine tools.