TAP 6600
Transfer machines
4 operating units
+ Behaver HD-200 automatic cutting
+ robotic machine tending

Project 2021 – 2022
Transfer machines
Processing of pipe fittings

Headquarter Vicenza – Italy

Headquarter Vicenza – Italy

Headquarter Cleveland – Ohio Usa

Headquarter Changqing – Cina


Top 1100 R2 CNC

High productivity automatic machine for cutting to length and machining at the ends with numerical control, up to 2750 pieces / hour, designed for the processing of small pieces

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Innovation 4.0 and entirely Sinico planning

Sinico Manufacturing boasts a technical department with highly specialised personnel able to design our machines, starting from the initial idea through to its complete development in the production department. As such, we’re able to promptly intervene to solve any problems that may arise during the course of works.


Every single piece created in-house

Our production department creates the pieces needed to build our machines every day; for us, Kilometre Zero is a full-blown reality.

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