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200 Wing beats per second

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Welcome to the production department and plant of Sinico-Caorle. Sinico machines installed all throughout the world cut while simultaneously doubling productivity with exceptional precision, reaching rates of up to one million pieces per hour! To date, if you were to line up production from one end to the other, it would cover 20 times the distance between the moon and earth. If your aim is to cut back on processing times and costs and increase quality, we’re just the people you should be speaking to!

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The icon that most represents SINICO is no doubt the Hummingbird: beautiful, elegant and super-quick. Few people know how it manages to hover in front of a flower as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Precision and speed unable to be captured by the human eye:
200 wing beats per second. A prodigy of nature.

A prodigy that reflects the characteristics of SINICO products. That’s why as of 2019, we have adopted this symbol as our company icon, to remind us of what nature and this company are capable of.

Our mission:
“Stop time, give you more time.”

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"We don't stop time, but we give you more time".

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New website for Sinico

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you our website new online layout:  New projects  Direct access to our various services from the Menu of the Homepage  Direct contact…
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Indipendence Day

Independence Day in the US, also known as 4th July, is the US national holiday that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America…
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New look for Caorle MC 650/6000

Colours and materials The Caorle MC650/6000 takes on a new and captivating graphical look designed by the Sinico Design department, to give it a fresh look and keep up to…
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Sinico chooses FANUC

Sinico equips its machines with FANUC electronics thanks to the most important range of CNC systems in the industry. FANUC offers solutions able to satisfy all needs in the CNC…
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Sinico Academy
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Sinico 4.0
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Innovation 4.0 and entirely Sinico planning

Sinico Manufacturing boasts a technical department with highly specialised personnel able to design our machines, starting from the initial idea through to its complete development in the production department. As such, we’re able to promptly intervene to solve any problems that may arise during the course of works.


Every single piece created in-house

Our production department creates the pieces needed to build our machines every day; for us, Kilometre Zero is a full-blown reality.

Our Production
Pieces cut every day
The prodigy

Every day, Sinico machines sold throughout the world cut roughly one million pieces per second.