The idea

We want to be

A point of reference

300 pieces per second, this is the average production rate of SINICO machines worldwide. This is the prodigy on which we pride ourselves.


Our operating philosophy is born from the experience of the company’s founder, Egidio Sinico. This same philosophy continues to inspire his children: a permanent imprint of devotion to work, product quality and correct market placement. The experience acquired in more than 50 years of business serves as a valuable guide on how to address an increasingly variable and flexible market. A team of experts always on the lookout for innovative solutions and a cutting-edge machine shop: this is the environment in which we have forever nurtured our passion for the development of technologically advanced works, tailored to suit the most demanding needs.

A lot of dedication

Since its origins, Sinico Machine Tool Manufacturing has inspired the design of its products not to marketing needs, but to specific market demands. Their desire being to give their end customers benefits, such as putting them in a position of competitiveness, as to keep their jobs and gaining. Thanks to this philosophy based on concreteness, and following a chain production control logic named “endto- end”, that rewards the quality, the results were not long incoming.