Sinico MTM Machine Tool Manufacturing since 1962

Experts in the design and construction of automatic transfer cutting and ends processing machines

SINICO MACHINE TOOL was born in the early Sixties, thanks to the expertise and intuition of one of our founding members, Mr. Egidio Sinico, who had seen automation as the one-way road towards the future of the mechanical sector. Back then SINICO was a small-sized business run in an old carpentry, but its DNA already had the unique characteristics that makes it now a leading company in the sector of ends machining: hard-working ethic, strong propensity for innovation, product quality, understanding market requirements, synergy with partners and customers.

Always strongly bounded to its birth land, the notorious, industrious Region of Veneto, cradle of production excellence, SINICO believes firmly in the possibility of a harmonious, environment-friendly development resulted from a balanced interaction of men with the nature, even more so since we are well aware that this land grows the talented resources which today, and especially tomorrow, will make our business even greater.

Thanks to a team counting over 100 experts skilled in the development of innovative solutions and to a modern factory spread over 9,000 sqm, today our company develops technologically advanced machine tools for bars and tubes processing, suitable to the most complex needs. Over 50 years expertise in the field enables SINICO to address and manage ever more various and flexible market requirements by providing cutting-edge solutions.

Turning ideas into things, getting the ingenuity to become palpable, a bar that becomes a worked piece are all the consequence of such expertise and of the common effort of talents pointing at this one goal: customer satisfaction.

A long history

Sinico 62

Set up in 1962 by Egidio Sinico along with his associates Igino and Bortolo Groppo, the company started as a small business that first manufactured hydraulic presses for the local market and then chip-removal machine tools. We’ve started with the prototype of a manual machine for the centring of the motor shafts, which has later become the starting point for the production of cutting/centring machines (the TC 1969 model).

In 1972 we’ve created the first rotary transfer ends cutting and processing machine (TR model): having innovated the bar cutting and the transfer system has boosted the number of operations one could perform on the work piece.

If during the 70s SINICO exported abroad about 30% of its production, in the following decade, thanks to continuous investments, to the development of the electronics and to the implementation of the first PLC, the company developed its international vocation becoming a global leader in the production of automatic transfer machines and exports today over 80%.


Sinico Azienda

In 1994, the sons Alessandro and Giancarlo Sinico took over the management of the business from their father and kept running it to these days as a 100% family company.

During the 90s the products manufactured by SINICO have been growingly applied in the automotive sector, which requires the highest levels of quality and precision. In this period, SINICO created new models of machines able to work two pieces at a time, integrated with dimensions control devices.

Starting 2000, a race for innovation has begun, dictated by increasingly fast development rhythms and by the need to leave behind the new competitors that pointed at the same market. Sinico launched then the TOP 2000 series, whose main innovations was the use of the CNC, the development of an innovative cutting head, in addition to the study of a cutting curve managed by CN to optimize cutting time as well as the duration of the blade.

TOP 1000, TOP 2100, TOP 1100r1 and TOP 2000r1 are some of the new machines created during the last years, which can be matched to special applications such as robots, external work and control stations, washing tunnels, etc.


In 2010 the company became SINICO MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING Srl and enlarged progressively its workforce, reaching today 100 persons.

At the beginning of 2014, the company signed an agreement with CCM Srl Caorle to create a single production pole and get licensed to manufacture Caorle equipment for the machining of ends.

2017 is the year we’ve made landfall in America and set up SINCO MTM US Inc. in Valley View, Ohio. It was, for us, further proof of our international mission and customer oriented approach: we aimed giving the United States and South America market requirements a simpler, more direct and rapid answer.

Latest news at SINICO’s: the development, in 2018, of the new TOP 1100 CNC PLUS. Transfer machine with horizontal axis bench for cutting and machining of tubes and bars ends. High productivity CNC machine, up to 2600 pieces/hour, designed for the machining of small and medium size pieces: bars diameter from 6 to 95mm, finished part length up to 400mm.


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