Sinico MTM Machine Tool Manufacturing

The experience of our founder Egidio Sinico is the well from which our operating philosophy springs, the same philosophy that today drives his sons, an indelible stamp of dedication to work, product quality and correct market positioning.
The wealth of knowledge accumulated over 50 years of business certainly forms a valuable guideline for tackling an increasingly varied and flexible market.

A skilled team always dedicated on research and innovation, a cuttingedge workshop: this is the place where we’ve always developed our passion for forging technologically advanced creations to meet the most complex needs.
The idea is turned into reality, ingenuity is turned into something palpable, the bar is turned into a part, yet all this comes later…

In the wake of the satisfaction we experience when we’ve managed to come up with a solution to all the problems, a product created by men and women working in synergy to achieve that one great objective: the total satisfaction of our customers.

Being an authority on metalworking, we can promise you a solution to your production problems, so that your projects can roar ahead!

Our Story

Sinico 62

Founded in the 1962 by Egidio Sinico the company, after an initial craft activity, began the production of hydraulic presses for the local market, but soon the attention focused on the machine tools to remove chips.
The company developed a prototype manual machine for centering crankshafts, which became the starting point for the production of cutting / centering machines (model TC, 1969).


In the 1972 the first cutting and operating machine at the ends with a rotating table (model TR) is made; this innovation that involved the cutting of the bar and the transfer system, increased the number of operations that can be performed on the particular work.

In the 70s the Sinico S.p.a. was exporting abroad 30% of the production, demonstrating its international vocation up to over 80% today.

In the 80s the continuous investments, the development of electronics, and the introduction of the first PLCs make the company the world leader in the production of automatic transfer machines.

Sinico Azienda

In 1994 his sons Alessandro and Giancarlo succeeded their father in company management; even today the company is 100% owned by the family of the same name.

For all the 90s Sinico products have seen an increasing application in the automotive sector where quality and precision are at very high levels. In this period, new models of machines are introduced, which are able to work two pieces at a time with the integration of dimensional control devices.


From the early 2000s a race to innovation began, driven by ever faster pace of development and by the need to keep a deep gap with the competitors whom over the years have entered the market. These years saw the birth of the TOP 2000 series; The best are the use of CNC, the development of an innovative cutting head, the study of a cutting curve managed by the NC to optimize cutting time and blade life.

Other innovations in recent years are the TOP 1000, TOP 2100, TOP 1100r1 and TOP 2000r1 models, always combined with special applications such as robots, external work and control stations, washing tunnels,etc.


Since 2010 the company takes the name of “Sinico Machine Tool Manufacturing S.r.l.” and now employs a staff of about 50 people.

For over 50 years, the company continues to pursue a serious policy based on research and innovation by finalizing efforts for new solutions and ideas for a dynamic and constantly expanding market.

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