Rieckermann ha partecipato al

17 ° China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT)

presenting their new exhibition concept which focuses on selected processes for manufacturing core components and their respective customer groups. This platform features state-of-the-art technology by focusing on complete manufacturing processes. This approach clearly supports Rieckermann’s vision of being recognized as a provider of first choice industrial solutions for its customers.
At the event, Rieckermann showcased cutting-edge technologies and machinery for the automotive, rail, bearing and aviation industries, along with their offering of technical services.
With the growing demands for electric mobility in the automotive industry, Rieckermann has shared key manufacturing processes for brake systems, turbochargers and steering systems by putting the spotlight on manufacturing and assembly solutions dedicated to the latest electric motion systems, which include motors of traction for electric vehicles (EV) and EV transmissions.

Additionally, Rieckermann presented its expertise and technical solutions to the high demand in the production of critical aircraft engine components resulting from the rise of the aviation industry in China. Last but not least, Rieckermann has shared its portfolio of machining and assembly processes dedicated to the railway industry, for which it is one of the market leaders offering state-of-the-art special bearing manufacturers.
CIMT is one of the largest and most influential machine tool fairs in the world. It is a biennial event that brings together machine tool manufacturers to present the most advanced production technologies and equipment, attracting the attention of the global manufacturing industry. This year’s event was held from 12 to 17 April 2021 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.




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