Which Sinico machines can mount the Coil loader?

What is the Coil?

The coil is a coil of material wound on a support instead of bars with a predefined length of 5-6-7 meters

Why do we mount a coil plant?

The coil is usually used for very small steel bars because the bars would not stay straight during transport and handling, for soft materials such as copper aluminum and the like. Furthermore, coil material costs less than bar material (it could be up to 20% cheaper).

On which machines is it mounted?

We can mount it on all our machines apart from the TAPs and the Caorle which are of totally different application.

What are the benefits?

A Sinico machine set up in this way has the following advantages:

  • lower material cost;
  • there is no end of bar offset;
  • higher productivity.

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