The radial head in Sinico machines

What are radial heads?

The radial heads are created to be used on normally CNC machine tools, therefore essentially almost all our machines with appropriate electrical and mechanical preparation (but sometimes we can also have mechanical or hydraulic radial heads) for less complex machining such as a simple radial channel . The control of the feed, the tool holder slide and the tool position, even during rotation, is controlled by a motorization unit. This group is managed directly by an axis with ball screw and a servo motor with numerical control of the Sinico machine.

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What are the advantages of mounting it and what processes do they perform?

A Sinico machine set up in this way will allow you to solve a series of different processes such as internal and external turning, grooves, conical and variable boring, concave and convex radii, cylindrical and conical threads, phonographic spirals and spherical operations.

Which Sinico machines are fitted with radial heads?

The radial heads are mounted on machines generally used for precision turning, threading, and in all cases where simple plunge machining does not guarantee the execution of the required part. (processes mentioned above).

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