ICAM 2020

The SInico shipping department is equipped with SILO2, THE VERTICAL MULTI-COLUMN WAREHOUSE

SILO consists of translating trays stacked on two opposing columns between which an elevator is positioned for vertical handling, equipped with an automatic gripping device, which allows the trays to be picked up and released in the bay, providing for the subsequent repositioning inside the structure. The operation of the SILOÇ warehouse takes place via a PC on the machine, positioned near the work bay, or via any mobile device on which ICONTM, the ICAM vertical warehouse management software, has been installed.
Multi – beam photoelectric barriers and a vertical sliding automatic door allow the operator to work, while moving the trays in the bay, in total safety. Emergency buttons located on the front of the machine, allow the movement to be stopped at any time.



In three distinct modules,
Manageable independently.

SILO in Sinico

With this new purchase Sinico brings its spare parts warehouse to a very high level, with greater precision in the preparation of orders and the enslavement of the various production lines with considerable savings in time and money for its customers.

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