Sinico macchina CAORLE MC 650 CHIUSA Sinico macchina CAORLE MC 650 CHIUSA

Colours and materials

The Caorle MC650/6000 takes on a new and captivating graphical look designed by the Sinico Design department, to give it a fresh look and keep up to step with the times.

The Caorle is defined as a powerful and versatile machine for heavy, but precise machining. For this reason, its image is perfectly suited to a bear figure, notorious for its 50 km/h speed and ability to swim and climb practically anywhere.

Sinico macchina caorle progetti
Pantone 7530 C
Pantone 440 C
Pantone Warm Gray 8 C
logo colore caorle piccolo
Sinico macchina progetti disegno
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