The value of our company

Let's start with small big steps.

2022 is the year of eco-sustainability, “let’s start with small steps, let’s start with the aim of eliminating daily plastic from our company as much as possible”. Here Sinico installs water points that are clearly visible and available to its staff in various points of the plant. From the production part to the canteen to the offices, everyone can quench their thirst with fresh, filtered water without having to buy hundreds of bottles every day.

It is not enough but we begin!

All the plastic created to date still exists and the numbers become increasingly worrying day by day. Impact on the environment, more than 12 million tons of plastic ends up in nature every year. Impact on animals, over 100,000 mammals die each year after ingesting plastic. Impact on humans, every week we eat about 5 grams of plastic, the equivalent of the weight of a credit card.

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