The whole Sinico company is close to the Ukrainian population.

Even our company does not remain indifferent to what is happening in Europe, in Ukraine, innocent civilians are in desperate need of collective help to overcome this dramatic moment.
We want to support this initiative of people from our territory with the guarantee that our effort will reach its destination.

We support the Energia & Sorrisi association which with extraordinary timeliness has taken steps to collect basic necessities to BRING to the population affected by this absurd conflict, a beautiful sentence that can be found in the home of their site reads:

“” Coe ciacole no se inpasta fritoe ”
(With talk you don’t make pancakes)

Here with their vehicles, their trucks, their motorcycles and their splendid volunteers have already left to take to their destination everything that the community has generously brought to their sorting logistics center.

Even in our company we are collecting the required material, aware that our part will also be important!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone in advance for what you will be able to give !!

ADV Sinico

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